Crail Heritage Walk

Self-led walks around Crail

In normal times Crail Museum volunteers take Guided Walks around Crail once or twice a week.

During the Coronavirus pandemic Crail Museum was closed and these walks were not running.

We therefore decided to provide an abbreviated version of this walk as an "App" or a set of web pages.

Nothing can match the knowledge of an experienced guide, but we hope that this electronic version of the walk will provide a sample of the sort of thing you can discover on a walk around Crail.

Android App

Our App is waiting for publication on Google Play - you can download a preview version - you will need to tell your Android device that it's OK to install this App from an untrusted source and you may need to copy the file to an SD card on your device to allow you to install it. If you trust us, click here

Web based walk

If you don't have an Android device, or you don't trust us, you can follow the walk online instead:

Start the walk