About our Museum

Crail Museum was opened by the Crail Preservation Society in 1979. The main building, 62 Marketgate, was given to the Society, for a museum, by the Town Council shortly before the council was disbanded under the reorganisation of Local Government in 1975.

The Museum became an independent trust in 1993 in order to comply with the requirements of becoming a Registered Museum. This scheme set down minimum standards for the running of the Museum and for safeguarding the items in the collection. Since that time, the Museum has been able to satisfy the ever stricter requirements for membership which has to be renewed every 3 - 5 years.

The current scheme of Museum Accreditation is run by the Arts Council (England) and applies to all sizes of Museum from the largest national museums to the smallest independent ones such as ourselves.

The Museum has always been run and looked after by volunteers whose motivation is to show the history of Crail and tell the story of the people who have lived here.

We put on at least one new major exhibition every year and refresh the others most years. We are delighted that many visitors return to the Museum time and time again. There is always something new to see.

Entry to the Museum is free